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DeBesTThing Nourishing Spray 200ml: Promotes healthy and full hair, detangles, moisturizes and reduces frizz and split ends also eliminating flyaways, it enhanced your curls. Recommend. Made with pure Oryza sativa (rice) extracts DeBesTThing nourishing hair spray maintained the health of your hair, making it soft and beautiful to comb. Activating growth, balance and shine. Detangle, nourishes giving you healthy full hair reduces frizz and splits ends. Made with pure Oryza Sativa (rice) extract and all-natural plant-based oil. Debestthing Nourishing hair spray heals and repairs your roots and split ends, activating growth and balance, eliminating static by keeping your hair healthy all through. Our products are for all hair types. No chemicals added, No gluten, silicone, sulphate, paraffin, propylene, glycol.